About Us

We have immense pleasure in introducing “Moksh Travels (India) Pvt Ltd.” as an integrated Travel Agent & Tour Operator. The profile of our company is as follows.

“MTIPL” is an IATA Accredited full service travel management company headquartered in New Delhi with branch offices in Mumbai & Bangalore, India. Unlike industry competition, travel is our only business and we dedicate all of our resources to fulfilling the needs of clients that are looking for a solid travel management solution.

At “MTIPL”, we recognize our job is much more than simply arranging travel. Our employees understand that their job is to learn their clients’ business objectives and goals and use their travel industry expertise to serve as a partner to maximize travel programs now and into the future.

Our multi skilled team specializes in providing most superior blanket services for all the travel needs of the client. We are passionate about travel and this is reflected in our transparent operations, entrepreneurial spirit, ability to adapt ourselves to the changing market scenario, commitment to high quality service and curiosity to explore broader horizon.


“MTIPL” works with its clients to respond to the complexities and challenges of business travel management while addressing the needs and expectations of travelers. “MTIPL” sees travel management as a multi-faceted undertaking.Offering best-in-class traveler services and optimizing transaction processing.

By using online booking tools for simple transactions, companies can reduce their total travel costs by up to 15 percent. For complex itineraries and special services, applying the skills of expert travel counselors is a key to traveler satisfaction. Equally important is providing travelers with a full range of services designed to meet their needs from the moment of booking through their return. Implementing the service configuration that best balances a company’s requirements for service and savings plays a primary role in supporting these objectives.

Air spends typically represents the bulk of travel expenditures and opportunities for greater savings still exist. Getting travelers to book in advance and use restricted fares, as well as balancing spot buying with negotiated fares, help to reduce costs. Concentrating volume with a limited number of preferred suppliers for larger volume-based discounts is also important, as are negotiations with airline alliances.

Enhancing policy compliance and demand management

Well-designed travel policy and traveller compliance are the cornerstone of an effectively managed travel program. Best practices in both areas can lead to savings of on average 20 percent of total travel spends. These savings come from improvements in Below Mentioned areas:

  • Advance Air Booking
  • Restricted Airfares
  • Preferred Suppliers
  • Traveler Comfort (air class/hotel category)

We have put together various teams to help you through everything that you might ever need right from the ticketing to paper work. For example, the Ticketing Team which gets the best Airfare across the globe, the Holidays Team custom made tour package with lots of ingredient as per your requirement, the Passport Team that assists in procurement and renewal of passports, The Visa Team and its up-to-date knowledge of global policies and regulations and other teams that focus on Travel Insurance, Forex, Global Calling Cards etc. And if that's not enough, let us tell you that we also have Car Service to give you a complete experience of journey. We invite you to explore the world with the Experts.